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Relax and recover from your hard work by reading one of the latest blog posts. Or take the next step on your adventure by joining the next party leaving on a quest to Level Up Your Boundaries. Get some one on one training when you schedule a coach consultation and see if working with a guide can help you on your next adventure.

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Latest Blog Posts

Check out the Bard’s blog for the latest tales and stories to inspire and delight!

Consult a Guide

If you find yourself mired in side quests and unable to focus on your main campaign, coaching can help you overcome distraction and imposter syndrome to slay your goals! Book a free 30 minute consult at the link above and we’ll talk about your quest.

Level Up Your Boundaries

Our next party departs on March 1, 2021, for five weeks of self discovery to level up boundaries, trauma recovery, and more. Stay tuned for the next session!

Group Guidance

Not ready for a one on one relationship with a guide yet? A membership group with others on their own quest is just right, at only $27/month.

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