Level Up Your Creativity: Group Course

Level Up Your Creativity is a five week course designed to help you embrace your creative passions, explore your boundaries with yourself and others, and embark on a creative journey to your future self.

The course uses a tabletop roleplaying game framework (think Dungeons and Dragons) to create a characterized version of yourself and experience your life as a story that you’re in charge of writing rather than something that happens to you.

It’s a plan to level up your confidence, self concept, and creativity.

Level Up Your Creativity will be offered as a workshop during Midwinter Gaming Convention 2022!

From Surviving to Thriving

You’ve always had a creative side. Maybe it even saved you from hard times in childhood and gave you something to enjoy that was just for you.

Whether you’ve lost touch with your creativity due to a busy schedule, beliefs about your talents, or losing touch with your passions due to trauma, Level Up will help you reconnect with your creative self.

Choose Your Character

Every good roleplaying campaign starts with character creation, so we’re going to dive into how each character class approaches their creative passions.

Are you a Barbarian, who uses art and poetry to process feeling pissed off? A Rogue who thinks outside the box and doesn’t let rules or expectations affect their creativity? A Ranger who doesn’t share their art with the world?

There are so many ways we can express creativity. And as long as you’re being true to yourself, they’re all equally valid!

Are you ready to level up?

The Details

Level Up is a five week course including the following:

  • An exclusive online group for course members
  • Weekly video lessons posted to the group you can watch on your own time
  • Weekly journal prompts and creative exercises that align with the lessons
  • A weekly video conference call with the group to expand on the lesson and journal prompts

You should expect to devote around 2-3 hours each week to the chat, lesson, and your “homework,” and we’ll decide on the video chat night together as a group to find a time that works for everyone!

Join the wait list and I’ll reach out to you when the next session opens.

Level Up is $847 paid in full. A monthly payment plan option will also be available.

About the Instructor

Caitlin Liz Fisher is an author, podcaster, and coach to creatives. Their teachings focus on connecting with intuition and passion to balance work, life, play, and rest.

Level Up began as a trauma recovery course that explored recovery from abuse through the lens of RPG character creation. Now in its third version, Level Up is about using your innate creativity to help you cope with stress, emotional processing, traumatic memories, and mindset blocks.

Creative processing is a beautiful way to access your intuition and inner knowing, something Caitlin has been learning after a traumatic childhood and domestic abuse. Reconnecting with their own creativity after trauma led them to help others do the same.

Note: Level Up is not therapy! Caitlin has a BA in Psychology and a M.Ed in Higher Education Administration, including a background in career counseling and student advising, but they are not a licensed clinician or therapist.

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