Level Up Your Boundaries

You have survived every bad day so far in your life, because you’re a resilient person. But just because you’re surviving doesn’t mean you’re thriving and fully confident in your boundaries.

Your journey has been full of challenges, pursuits, and quests – but you may still find yourself feeling like an unwilling participant in the story. This is especially true for those of us who had traumatic pasts, from childhood or toxic relationships.

What if you could see yourself as the hero of your story?

What if you could believe that what happened to you wasn’t your fault?

What if you could become a more healed version of yourself — on your terms?

Choose Your Adventure…

Group Course: Level Up

Level Up Your Boundaries is a five week group course designed to help you view your trauma recovery in a way you’ve never done before, honor the resilience and defensive skills that helped you survive a traumatic past, and make a plan to become the next level version of yourself.

The course uses a tabletop roleplaying game framework (think Dungeons and Dragons) to create a characterized version of yourself in trauma and in recovery. Group calls allow you to get to know the others going through the course and build lasting friendships!

It’s a plan to level up and become the next version of yourself.

Individual Coaching

One on one coaching helps you work on a 90-day or 6-month goal. We’ll get laser focused on your key priorities so you stop getting distracted by side quests.

Whether you want to become a better writer, get serious about self-love so you can attract the right partner into your life, or just need accountability to stay on track with your goals, we’ll work on your mindset and the sneaky spirals your mind tricks you into.

Coach calls happen by weekly appointment via video chat or phone call for three or six months. Book a free consult to get clarity on how coaching can help you become your next level self.

Self-Guided Work

COMING SOON: I want everyone to be able to benefit from the Level Up framework! If you missed a course signup period or just want to go at your own pace, you can purchase a self-guided workbook that teaches you the basics and gives you a great starting point to work on leveling up to your next best self.

How Level Up Can Help

If you’re afraid of facing your trauma, this course does an amazing job of engaging individual traumas with an approachable, comforting, and often funny lens. It allows you to see your strengths and plan a way to heal your inner child or other traumatic wounds you’re carrying.

― Jess, Level Up Participant

The creative, fantasy aspect has been really surprisingly freeing for me. Instead of dreading the journaling sessions, I’m actually excited to get to them and continue creating the story, vs. running the other way from slogging through the muck. This twist has been an amazing hack for my brain.

— Abi, Level Up Participant

I do a lot of thinking and talking about my trauma, so it is really helpful to speak more generally and with new and very different language/metaphors.

It feels freeing to have such a new approach.

― Anne-Marie, Level Up Participant

The weekly videos are so soothing to watch and the coursework is very well paced. I genuinely feel like I’m leaving the course with fortified trauma recovery by using such a familiar structure: RPG gaming.

Ashton, Level Up Participant

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